Be Sharp Academy's After-School ​Program is the gold standard for academic enrichment. Our goal is for your child to finish homework assignments, participate in project-based activities, and be exposed to extracurricular activities that would be hard to do so at their school. In the era of high-stakes testing, things like music, art, engineering, design, project based learning, and large scale problem solving, are disappearing from our schools at a fast rate. 

We aim to bring these things back while developing new and innovative ways to teach students valuable skills, all while providing a home for students to explore new interests and talents.

What we offer:

  • Complete School Homework 

  • Math & English Enrichment

  • School Exam Preparation 

  • Guidance on Projects

  • STEM Subjects 

  • Reading Club

  • Public Speaking

  • Dance Activities 

Offered Monday - Friday
Local school pickup available!
Call for more details!