Junior Music Course (JMC)
3 yrs. old – 5 yrs. old
Junior Music Course (JMC)
3 yrs. old – 5 yrs. old
The Junior Music Course is designed to create an active interest and appreciation in music for young beginners while providing the student with a solid foundation for more advanced music education.  Children at the ages of four and five absorb and retain sounds better than at any other time in their lives, which makes it the perfect time to start music lessons. These in-class musical experiences will encourage creativity, discipline, music appreciation, and help instill the basis for playing and expression through feeling and understanding music.
  • Keyboard Playing - express music with both hands through keyboard solo pieces, develops an understanding of chords and their relationship with melody, familiarize the five-line staff and keyboard

  • Music Theory - confirms practical musical experiences through reading and writing for a deeper understanding of the musical elements​

  • Hearing - develops an ear for music, develops emotional 

       sensitivity, feel, and express music in time


  • Solfège Singing - develops self expression, correct tempo, rhythm, pitch, and understanding of note names​

  • Music Appreciation - nurtures children's musical sensitivity through "active" listening to music of various styles

Curriculum overview

Upon Completion of the Course

Once a student has completed the Junior Music Course, they will be able to continue advanced courses of study such as the Junior Extension Course or the Junior Special Advanced Course and are encouraged to begin private lessons.