Private lessons taught at Be Sharp Academy primarily focus on developing appreciation for music by teaching top level pieces, techniques, theory, and performance to students with a solid musical foundation. Enrollment in this program enables students to prepare for music exams, such as the California Certificate of Merit (CM) and Royal ABRSM, and will have the chance to prepare for local, state, national, and international competitions. In addition, students who possess strong interest and drive can work on college-level repertoire. Students will have the opportunity to work with various famous artists around the world, engage in meaningful master classes, and attend summer or winter music festivals.

  • Weekly Music Lessons

  • CM Exams

  • ABRSM Exams

  • School/Community Performances

  • Local/State/National/International Competitions

  • Conservatory Pre-College Preparation



The Yamaha Music Education System is a program for children to engage in various activities that nurture musical skills and encourage independence, creativity, and self-expression. The curriculum appeals to the imagination of young minds and becomes an integral part of a student’s musical growth. Class activities include keyboard repertoire, ear training, keyboard harmony, music theory, and exposure to arranging, singing solfège and songs with lyrics, moving and playing to rhythm, ensemble playing, and improvisation.

Yamaha students often end up becoming leaders in their school music programs.

Junior Music Course (JMC)  |  4 yrs. - 5 yrs.

Young Musicians Course (YMC)  |  6 yrs. - 8 yrs.


Be Sharp Academy's After-School ​Program is the gold standard for academic enrichment. Our goal is for your child to finish homework assignments, participate in project-based activities, and be exposed to extracurricular activities that would be hard to do so at their school. In the era of high-stakes testing, things like music, art, engineering, design, project based learning, and large scale problem solving, are disappearing from our schools at a fast rate. 

We aim to bring these things back while developing new and innovative ways to teach students valuable skills, all while providing a home for students to explore new interests and talents.


Daily STEM and Art opportunities abound!

What we offer:

  • Complete School Homework 

  • Math & English Enrichment

  • School Exam Preparation 

  • Guidance on Projects

  • STEM Subjects 

  • Reading Club

  • Public Speaking

  • Dance Classes 


After-School Enrichment

A foundation builder for computer programming and coding. Includes coding projects, games, block coding, programming language, and understanding basics of the computer. 
A hands-on experience to explore Artificial Intelligence and core STEM concepts to link them with real-life phenomenon. Stimulates problem-solving, communication, creativity, and collaboration skills to succeed in building STEM literacy.
Designed to enhance critical thinking, understanding relations and functions, and analyzing structure. Addresses a variety of STEM concepts to improve academic precision.
Emphasize understanding of a problem and its solution rather than the memorize and drill approach. Our Math programs will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of their school work, as well as additional instruction to help students further excel in their academics. Explore creativity within math to help students achieve A's. 
Basic Math ➝ General Math ➝ Advanced Math
Pre-Algebra ➝ Algebra 1 ➝ Geometry
Algebra 2/Trig ➝ Pre-Calculus ➝ Calculus


Designed to expose the beauty of Chinese language while enhancing appreciation of Chinese history, art, society, and everyday life in the Chinese world. Students will build their Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as develop an awareness and understanding to different cultures for further learning through reading, discussion, project demonstration, and real-life problem solving.
One fifth of the planet speaks Mandarin! By learning Mandarin, you are preparing your child to succeed and explore more possibilities in the world of tomorrow. Enrolling your child in a Chinese language program is a good investment and it will benefit them enormously. The sooner your child begins learning, the easier it will be for them to grasp both pronunciation and writing.