The Yamaha philosophy for music education is based on the belief that all people have the potential to develop musical ability. Yamaha believes that everyone has the capacity to create, preform, and enjoy one’s own music, and that through this joy of music one can enjoy a richer life. The Yamaha Music Education System hopes to influence the greatest number of people to enjoy music.
Timely Education 

It's great to start at a young age!  Have you ever wondered why it's so easy for young children to learn more than one language? Yamaha introduces music fundamentals to children at the time when their hearing capabilities are developing rapidly. 

Group Lessons

Group lessons have many advantages that enable children to enjoy rich musical experiences such as making friends through music, developing cooperativeness and deepening understanding of music through participation in ensembles. For this purpose, Yamaha has adopted a method whereby students can listen and play in a group, learning music while enjoying it.

Emphasis on Creativity  

Make your own music!  With Yamaha's comprehensive approach, kids develop musical sensitivity, imagination, and the ability to express themselves freely. Yamaha students learn to play and read music on a high level and also learn to create their own music!

The Yamaha method of music education incorporates weekly group lessons designed to give students the best beginning possible for the development of basic music skills. Emphasis is placed on ear training and the development of a good rhythmic sense. A variety of activities, including singing words and solfege, keyboard playing, sight singing, sight playing, ensemble work, and musical creativity are part of the curriculum.





1.) Proven Programs

Our methods are effective. Today, Yamaha Music Schools have developed into a large system with 700,000 students and 20,300 teachers at 7,200 locations in the world. More than 5 million students have graduated from our schools, and some gone on to become professional musicians, teachers, and composers.

Our aim is for every student, whatever their aspiration, is to gain a love of music and an interest in making music.

2.) Expert Teachers

Our teachers are specially selected for their musical and communication skills and their love of working with children. They undertake intensive training programs and their work is regularly monitored. They receive ongoing training and support, and undertake continuing self-development programs.

3.) Motivating Materials

YMES’ colorful student books are designed to excite and motivate young minds. Compact Discs have beautiful instrumental recordings to enrich musical enjoyment and involve the listener.

4.) Distinctive Approach

We aim to create the ‘complete’ musician, by nurturing the development of a full range of musical abilities. Listening and aural abilities, keyboard performance skills and reading skills are fostered through our unique group-learning methods - together with intellectual abilities and social skills.

5.) Unique Opportunities

Our network provides unique opportunities for participation in concerts and festivals locally and throughout the world. Children are encouraged to participate in piano competitions and special classes such as improvisation and composition.

6.) Comprehensive Curriculum

We offer an integrated, progressive curriculum for children aged from 3 to 17 years.

Yamaha and AMEB music examinations are offered for children who would like their achievements to be formally assessed and recognized.

7.) And Above All...

We are committed to doing our very best for the musical education of your child and to enhance your family’s enjoyment of music.